Exterior detail package

Exterior detail, wax , paint correction, ceramic coating, car wash, polishing

Exterior detail starts as low as $45 and can range depending on the size and service selected. This section only includes the exterior.  To see all our exterior packages click the link below.

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Interior detail packages


If you’re interested in the interior only, than this is the section for you. Interior detail starts as low as $115 and can range, Please click the link below for full description 

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Full detail packages


perfect if you’re looking to get your car in tip top shape. Includes both the interior and exterior. price starts as low as $69.99 

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Paint Correction

Paint Correction, paint imperfections, swirl marks removal , hologram. Paint defects removal

Paint correction is the process of restoring and rejuvenating a cars paint from imperfection, mostly by using several methods such as wet sanding, heavy compounding and polishing. Some paint imperfections include swirl marks, fine scratches, bird dropping, etching, acid rain, hologramming and much more. Paint correction can start as low as $250

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Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating, paint correction, leather protection, trim protection, wax.

Ceramic coating is definitely a good investment. The coating will protect the exterior and interior from deteriorating keeping the resale value high. Ceramic coating will keep your vehicle looking new all the time. Once the coating is applied you will see color depth and a mirror finish for years to come. You will never have to wax your car again and the 9H hardness will protect it from easly scratching. 

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Trim, plastic, rubber restoration

Trim restore, rubber restore, plastic restoration,

Have you notice the exterior trim, plastic or rubber faded on your vehicle? Over time the plastic on the exterior will fade, discolor and look chalky Because of oxidation. If so that’s ok, Just’ In Detail offers a solution to get it looking new again. Trim restore will last for months to come. 

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Odor removal

Odor removal, mold smell, moisture smell, urine smell, mold smell, milk smell, bad odor, food smell.

Odors can be extremely difficult to remove, especially if you cannot identify the source. At Just’ In Detail we offer a variety of solutions that will meet your expectations. Price starts as low as $25.

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Water Restoration

Water damage, water extraction, flood damage, rain damage, water entered my vehicle. Moisture odor.

Water damage occurs when water enters the vehicle. There are several ways water enteres the vehicle, clogged drains, open window, flood or spills. No matter the extent we can restore it. Click the link for more information. 

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Mold removal restoration

Mold removal, mold cleaning in car, mold in car, mold treatment, mold cleanup, mold mold remediation

Mold can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. They reproduce by spores, which are carried by air currents. When spores land on a moist surface suitable for life, they begin to grow. If your vehicle has mold than click the link below.

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Interior protection


Are you interested in protecting the interior of your vehicle? not for days, weeks or months but for years to come. Check out the many ways to protect your interior by clicking the link below. 

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More services

Engine detail, engine cleaning, headlight restoration, headlight cleaning , ceramic coating

Interested in something more. We offer a variety of services like engine detail, headlight restoration, rain-X and much more. Just click the link below for a full description.

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