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Mold Treatment

Mold can grow on pretty much anything, and cars are no exception. Just like our homes, our cars are also susceptible to moisture problems, which is what ultimately leads to mold and unpleasant odours. As an example of just how much damage mold can do to a car.Mold can destroy a car’s carpeting, leather seat cushions, and other fabrics and upholstery. Sometimes, the damage can be so bad that it’s beyond repair. However, if you catch moisture problems early on, you can prevent major contamination and clean up the mold safely and effectively.

Flood water damage

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Mold in car, need mold cleaning, mold on my seat, mold, mold odor , moisture, moisture in vehicle

Causes of mold

The best way to determine why mold is growing in your car and where it’s coming from is to find the moisture problem. 

Car flooding: A car flood can occur if, for example, you accidentally leave your car window open during heavy rainfall or if your sunroof is not properly sealed. In these cases, your car interior can incur severe water damage.

Mold in car carpets, floor and seats

In most cases, a beverage like coffee or a soft drink is usually the culprit. You should also watch for liquids or sauces that could leak out of food packages and onto carpets, floor or seats. (If you have young children, then you know how often accidents and spills in the car can occur!)

Mold cleaning near me. Mold treatment

What does mold in the car smell like?

Mold has a musty, unpleasant odor—you will likely smell it before you see it. Some describe it as smelling like wet socks or rotten wood.

If you’ve ever had mold in your basement, then you know the kind of earthy, persistent smell we’re talking about.


Professional mold removal

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